Annual StoneHaus Kiln Opening

Our annual December kiln opening has become a local one-day Pensacola, Florida, art destination to purchase signed art by Xinia Marín and Peter King.  This event is well attended, so come early for the best selections, warm, right out of our large walk-in kiln. The date: December 13, 2009 @ 2PM.

Xinia Marín

Clay Art and Architectural Ceramics


Peter King & Xinia Marin Newsletter

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In her clay studio in Cartago, Costa Rica, or in Pensacola, Florida, Xinia’s enthusiasm and creative ability fourishes.

Clay art figurine

Large Scale Art

Clay art has no size limits if the proper techniques in building are incorporated into the design.  Here is a beautiful fireplace created by Xinia Marin and partner Peter King.

Architectural ceramics clay art designed into a fireplace surrouind.

Cajas Ceramicas

Cajas de Xinia Marín

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